Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

I’m going to talk to you today about some legitimate work from home jobs that you can find to do. As I said, I started working from home about 3 years ago, and I spent a good year trying to find a real work from home opportunity while falling for my fair share of scams.

Hopefully that with the information that you learn here, you’ll be able to bypass all the scams and get to some real work from home jobs. Now I know I keep saying this, but I really want you to be realistic about what you can expect from the work from home data entry jobs that are legitimate. Most of my previous work at an actual job before I had my kids was in an administrative role. These are kinda like data entry jobs. I only have a high school education so I wasn’t qualified for anything more than that. And I know at my previous job when I left, I was making about $25,000 a year. Not a lot but it was good money for what I was doing.

So if this is what a real company is paying for data entry or typing jobs, you can’t expect to make a $100,000 a year from doing the similar thing from home.

Legitimate work from home jobs will pay similarly to what they might pay a real person to do the job at their offices. Usually you’ll be able to earn a small premium, because with any work at home opportunities, you’re saving the company any benefits they’d have to pay plus they don’t have the same paperwork to do for taxes and all that other stuff as they would have to do for each employee. Also, legitimate work from home jobs only pay for actual work, so companies recognize that most of their employees are probably only 60% effecient if that.

I mean think about how much time you spend at your office job, chatting with co-workers, taking a coffee break or smoke break, going to the washroom and just daydreaming. So when you’re actually getting paid for real work produced you’ll get paid more on an hourly rate than you would if you were an employee.

I hope this makes sense. Real work from home jobs will pay a premium as they save on so many of these other business expenses of having actual employees. But like I said, and where I was going with this at the beginning, is be realistic. I’ve made as much as $500 a day from my home based typing jobs, but that is rare, usually I’m only making a little over $100 per day. But this only takes me about 4 hours or so to do. So I don’t think it is realistic to expect to make more than about $500 a day, and you’ll probably find that you will be able to make $200 to $300 a day usually and that’s if you’re putting in a full time effort.

Okay, I was going to share some legitimate work from home jobs, but I’ve been rambling, so what I’ll do is give you some quick tips to avoiding the earn money from home scams out there. Next post I promise I’ll give you legitimate work from home jobs information.

You’ll have to go out and look for work. Companies don’t often have to look for people to hire. Also, don’t pay for a job, this one should be obvious. You might have to pay to access resources that help make searching for legitimate work from home jobs easier, but you shouldn’t have to pay for an actual job. Never, ever seek online data entry jobs from the unsolicited spam in your spam email box. And lastly, legitimate work from home jobs from real companies will always have a legitimate domain or website.

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