Can You Make Money Blogging?

Can you make money blogging? Short answer is yes! Ever since I put my link up there on the right side about “Make Money Online” I’ve had a ton of readers ask me a whole bunch of questions about it. And the most common question I get is, can you really make money blogging? And the answer to that as I said earlier is yes. I’m going to give you an overview of the program that I recommend through my “Make Money Online” link.

Most of my blog has been about how to earn money online without paying. And that was how I first got started making money online too. You can read all about that in my other posts. The only problem with that system is that you have to keep working or logging in everyday to make money. But as I’ve mentioned you can earn money online instantly with that method, and you earn money online without paying any fees. I still do these offers and I’m still earning around a grand or two per month by doing it. But it takes a good bunch of hours each day to do that. And as I looked around I also wanted to know if you can make money blogging, and I found out about this program.

Now I’m going to be honest with you. You can make money blogging but it is going to take a while. If you need money today, then I’d click on that box and head on over there to start reviewing offers. Or better yet, do both. That’s what I’m doing. Okay, let me answer your question “Can you make money blogging?” in more detail.

You can, but it will take a couple of months to see any income of interest. I’ve been following this program for about 6 months now and I’ll make just over $200 this month from my blogs. The good thing is, is that this is relatively passive income. I don’t have to do very much every day to make sure I keep improving my earnings. Last month I made $100 and the month before that I made $50 so I’ve been doubling my income for 3 months in a row.

So if you’re interested in how do websites make money then this program will show you. The guys who are coaching us have been doing this very successfully since 2007 and are both six figure earners per year. This is very legitimate but it does require some work and patience. They have a goal to help 1000 or more of their students earn $1000 or more per month within a year. And I’m well on my way to achieving that. I know that I’ll be making at least $1000 per month from my websites by next summer which is when I reach my one year mark.

So if you’ve been asking yourself “how can I make money with my website?” this course will teach you exactly how to do that. Let me tell you what the costs are so you are informed right up front.

The key of this program is to make money writing blogs. For the first 30 days you get free and full access to the program to check it out and see if it is for you. These guys really stand behind their program and I know of no other make money blogging program out there that gives you a FREE 30 day trial. Then after the FREE 30 day trial, if you still want to continue with the program then it is a monthly membership fee of only $33. I’ll be honest with you, the 3 key tools that you get there that help you create backlinks, find keywords and track your progress are easily worth hundreds of dollars per month.

The only other costs you’ll need will be a one time yearly fee for a domain which will be $10 or less. I use Name Cheap because as their name suggests they are cheap and I’ve never had a problem with them. You will also need to host your website with a web hosting service. I like Hostgator because they are always very helpful, they have excellent customer service and they are very well priced. Hosting will cost you around $10 per month, cheaper if you pay for a year upfront. I’d recommend you get their “Baby Plan” as you will be able to host a bunch of website on that plan. And you’ll probably end up with a few websites as time goes by.

Okay, so all in you’re looking at a one time yearly fee of $10 for a domain + $33 monthly (after the first FREE month) for the make money blogging course + $10 monthly for hosting = $43 a month to build a business that only requires about an hour or two of your time every day.

Now as I said, it’ll take a few months to start seeing a bit of money come in. At the 3 month mark I made $50 for the month, so my income since the 3 month mark has been paying for all my expenses since then. Plus I’m earning more and more every month and I only spend between an hour or two per day on it, except for Sundays which is my day off from any internet activities. Now your results will likely be different. But if you can be patient and are willing to put in the work you’ll see tremendous results over time.

Okay, so I hope I’ve answered your question “Can you make money blogging?” Here’s what you need to do if you think this might be for you.

Go sign up for the FREE month of coaching at this program here:
make money blogging

Go grab a domain from here: - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

Go grab hosting from here:

And lastly, have fun blogging for money, and remember that this a marathon and not a sprint. Remember Aesop’s tale of the tortoise and the  hare. If you be the tortoise you’ll have great success.

Home Based Typing Jobs – Some Options

Hello again, last time we were talking about working from home and how to avoid those work from home scams. Today I want to let you know about home based typing jobs that actually work and how I make most of my money working from home.

Now as you know, I spent a year trying to find some reasonable work from home opportunities, and I bet you I spent over a thousand dollars trying different programs. Really, that should be work from home scams that I spent my money on. I’m upset about having spent a thousand dollars, but I’m more upset about the year I spent trying to find a legitimate work at home job. But I finally did, and I actually found a few and there is one in particular that I am using right now to make most of my money.

So let me just let you know that yes, there are real work at home jobs out there that you can find and make living from doing. I don’t think you’ll be able to get rich, but like I said, I’ve been able to make $500 a day on a couple of occasions. Now that was rare but it is doable.

This year, my money from home should be between $35k and $40k. Which is more than I made when I worked my last office job. And the great thing is, I get to spend time with my kids and I only put in between 25 and 30 hours a week to do that.

The kind of work I’m doing in order to earn this money are home based typing jobs that you could easily do. All you need is a computer and internet. And you don’t have to be a web tech savvy kind of person. There is no need to build websites or any of that kind of stuff.

If you can surf the net, reply to emails and that sort of thing, you can earn money from home with the kind of home based typing jobs that I’m talking about. Just remember that whatever it is you’re looking at doing from home that if it sounds too good to be true, then usually it is.

One of the first work from home businesses I tried, and actually it turned out to be a scam was stuffing envelopes. Looking back now, I can’t believe that I actually thought it would be a legitimate work from home job. I guess I was naive and we can all fall for that kind of thing once in a while.

So my best tip is to think about what it is you’ll actually be doing. For example, they have machines that stuff envelopes, so why would a company pay you to stuff envelopes when it is cheaper and more expedient to have a machine do it?

Home based typing jobs are the best kinds because machines can’t type and make sense of language like we can. So my next post will be about how I make money from home with home based typing jobs. And the best part about all of this is that I only get paid on results. That was one of the key reasons why I knew it was legitimate. These real work from home jobs are based on results which can actually be measured.

September 2011 Update:
Since I origingally wrote this post more than a year ago now, I’ve started to see great success with my own blogs that I have that I’m writing on and earning money. It takes longer this way, but the rewards are worth it. I know longer respond to surveys and that type of stuff that I did in the beginning. It is still a good way to make some quick cash if you need some money now, but over 90% of my money now is made through blogging, that is why I am now recommending The Keyword Academy almost exclusively. It’s not a scam but it’ll take you about a year to build a good income of around $1k or more per month. Some folks have managed to make over 6 figures a year with this program. I have not been that lucky, but I’ll be making $30k to $40k this year, perhaps more if Christmas is good to me.

This is How to Make Money at 13

Everybody needs money and there no exceptions to this need. You might be presently riding high financially and everything might seem to go your way as you are able to buy what you want, but that is no guarantee. You never know when the tables might be turned and you suddenly become cash strapped and without the financial security that you thought would never desert you.

Fortunes change in a wink of an eye however, so there is no telling what your monetary situation might be tomorrow. Only one thing is sure, and that is the fact that the need for money would always be present for everyone. That is an inescapable fact of life, and no matter how some of us try to downplay it, the need would forever be there for all of us and with no exceptions.

The fact that there are no exceptions to this need only underlines why people of all ages strive to earn their own money. Yes, your age will not or should not matter one bit in your decision to earn as much as you possibly could, as an extra means or as your main source of livelihood. There should simply be no issue there and nothing should hinder anyone in that respect.

With all of that being said, I have to say that I am of that belief because I had a similar experience when I was a kid. Back when I was just 13 years old, I was already trying to find different means of making more money and I did find a few. And now, as a parent of a thirteen year old, I am helping him look for new ways to do just that. And that is why I am researching on newer ways of how to make money at 13.

Making Money at 13

One thing that is true then and is also still true today is that finding ways to make money at the age of 13 is not that easy. But that being said, there are still plenty of options that the kids could choose from. The following are some of those choices:

Getting Your Own Job – There are jobs available for 13 year old, you better believe it, even though those could not be considered as real jobs in its truest sense. If you are a kid, you could either do babysitting, post different kinds of signs, walking neighbor’s dogs, and perhaps do other small jobs related to neighbor’s kids.

Establish Your Own Business – You could establish your own little business to start earning whatever little profit is available to you. It would also be quite fun to have your small business, especially if it is based on some creative thing that you could do, like making little bits and pieces of jewelry, growing some fruits and vegetables if you got some space, and many little things like that.

Start Saving – One nice way of making sure you get your own money, and that it increases is by saving it up in a bank. That’s what everyone who has already found a means of making more money do, if they want to eventually see it be large enough for them to use on whatever they want.